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10 Yard Roll-Off Container

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Barrier® Temporary Landfill Cover Product

Manage your landfill better with Barrier®

Barrier, our patented cover product for landfill use, is made from construction and demolition materials that couldn't be reused in their independent form, for example: plywood, contaminated cardboard, window glass and others. It has been tested, approved and used in landfills for more than 10 years. Barrier is approved for use in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware as an Alternative Daily Cover, replacing the usage of 6" of soil,a non-renewable resource,to cover "working face" waste daily at landfills.

In Pennsylvania, Barrier is also approved as an Intermediate Cover product. That means it can be used instead of 12" of soil to cover "dormant areas" of waste at landfills.

There's no better soil conservation method or more environmentally sound product for covering your landfill than Barrier.

LEED Project Acceptance

As a recycled product Barrier® has been acknowledged and accepted as meeting the highest standards for environmental protection. In ordinary circumstances, soil used as a waste cover material cannot be reclaimed. By using Barrier®, you comply with existing LEED guidelines and help preserve our ecosystem.

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