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10 Yard Roll-Off Container

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Dumpsters and Containers to Meet Every Need.

Dumpster Service

Burns expertly provides two primary ways to recover and recycle the waste from your job site:

  1. You can bring it to our facility yourself.
  2. Let us deliver one or more dumpsters to your job site.

Burns offers an array of containers and dumpsters in 10, 20 & 30 cubic yard sizes. We can even fulfill unique job requirements, whether you have extraordinary volume needs or difficult site conditions. We also have a selection of smaller containers on dollies, which allow for the use of containers in very tight conditions, where a standard dumpster might not be viable. Consult with us and we will custom-fit a solution for you.

Our two LEED APs on staff can guide you on earth-friendly disposal practices and provide you with Material Recovery reports upon request.

Call (215) 324-6377 ext. 212 for details.

Permitting Requirements

No matter what container service you choose, you must prep your site appropriately and comply with permitting requirements.

The City of Philadelphia requires the property owner to have an Equipment Placement application, which enables the holder to place the container on the street or pavement. This permit is necessary because containers will often block the public right-of-way. The property owner is also responsible for keeping the dumpster covered when not in use, keeping the surrounding area clean and remedying odor issues.

Site Selection and Preparation

Wood planks must be placed under the wheel of the container to prevent damage to driveway or paved surfaces. Placing containers on grass or soft surfaces will cause damage to those surfaces. As the customer, you are ultimately responsible for the placement and removal of the dumpster and any damage incurred during the normal scope of work.

Container Limitations

  • 10 cubic yard dumpsters require a minimum of 37' clearance.
  • 20 and 30 cubic yard dumpsters require a minimum of 40' clearance. Loads of concrete, brick, dirt, clean fill and sand must use 10 or 20 cubic yard dumpsters.